Sunday, February 26, 2017

"The Great Gatsby" seminar notes
- Gatsby wasn't living the "American Dream" but fell in love with Daisy
- Adriana thinks that we shouldn't follow the path of the person who we "love" but our own path because Gatsby died by doing what Daisy wanted. He was blinded
- "The Great Gatsby" Gatsby is "Great" because that is an invention or impression that he made for himself to look good for Daisy
- Unlike Gatsby, Nick knows to stay true to himself and they are both driven by different things
- Daisy is a Selfish, Horrible person!!! (she's a woman child)
- Tom and Daisy are very alike, they come from money and do bad things without dealing or thinking about the consequences, and it's a reason why Daisy went back to him instead of Gatsby
-The eyes, in the front page, represent Fitzgerald's (or God's) eye looking at American society as a "moral wasteland"
-The green light, in the front page, is what Gatsby sees across the deck to Daisy's house

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gatsby... Good or Bad?
I think that Gatsby is no doubt a good person. That doesn't take away the fact that he is selfish in his way when it comes to Daisy. I feel that he is only selfish because of his love for Daisy & desire to be with her. But taking away his selfishness, Gatsby is a good person because he has lavish parties in which HIS GUEST enjoy and use it to get away from their lives. He did a huge favor for an officer he didn't even know and when Nick told him that Daisy was going over for tea, he offered to cut Nick's grass. He didn't "have" to cut it because Nick had already arranged the meeting; Gatsby did it out of generosity and thankfulness

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Great Gatsby Continued...
Displacement: something/person placed in different time
Anachronism: a person who is out of time
Prodigality: something that is suppose to be in a place
("  ") is the use of quotations can be used as irony or humor
-Why is Gatsby not at his own party?
-All the characters want to be seen by who they (want) to be but not for who they are.
-"The lonely crowd"
-Gatsby asked to speak to Jordan Baker
-vinous: being drunk on wine
-Jordan Baker is incurably dishonest
-Jordan & Nick have a little thing going on ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"The Great Gatsby"
-Epigraph: a brief quote at the beginning of a book that expresses the theme
*Nick: the narrator, he's humble, lives in Long Island, & snobbish
*Gatsby: a wealthy man that lives in a mansion
*Daisy: second cousin of Nick (she's no fool)
-West Egg is looked down upon since it's a less nice part of the city
*Tom: Daisy's husband; he's cheating on her with a woman from New York
-Daisy wanted her baby to be a boy. Why?
-rotogravure: a kind of old news paper
-Character relationships:
                             Daisy(second cousin)------Tom(Daisy's husband)
                                                           \             /
                                        Jordan Baker(friend of Daisy & Tom)
-Daisy wants to hook Jordan up with Nick
-Nick gets to meet Tom Buchanan's mistress! :o
-Superalious: arrogant (Tom)
*Mrs. Wilson: a thick strong woman who is Tom's mistress (she cheats on Wilson)
*Mr. Wilson: Tom's mistress' husband, who owns a garage & is unsuperior to Tom
-proprietary: ownership

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I beleive that we can consider music as literature because in every song, there is a story being told, the same way as in a book. I don't think there's really a big different between music & literature, just that music has rhythm

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HELLO 2017
January of 2016 is a long time ago that I honestly don't even remember how I was as a person or acted. Although, I would like to think that I've matured every year in my life. I'd also like to think that ive became a better person in some way. I don't know if starting to think about my future, university, and career is considered as growing as a person, but I feel like it is. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

My response to "A Sound of Thunder" is how fascinating one little thing as a butterfly can change an entire future. You never know if you make a decision instead of another, your life can possibly change. I was a little confused at the end of it because I think that they killed Eckels but I'm not sure. This story was very fascinating to me because its grabbed my attention and it kept me hooked the whole time.